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About Yoga and me

I began my Yoga pilgrimage a decade ago. At that time, I couldn't even touch my feet with my hands ! I admired the strength of Alfredo Vazquez Solis, a great Tai Chi Chuan teacher that also teaches Yoga.

Therefore I began to practice Hatha Yoga everyday.

Out of a wonderfull "coincidence" in life I traveled to Canada and lived in the middle of the woods for a year in Val-Morin, in a Sivananda Yoga community where I learned the science of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda and got my first diploma (200 hrs Yoga Alliance).

Eagered to share with the world I taught in New York City before coming back to Mexico. There I made a second teacher training, at Yoga Espacio (600 hrs),  that deepened in my understanding of Yoga and Mindfulness teaching methods.

My duty as a yoga teacher is to treat every student with love and compassion to take out the best of each one of them. My classes are filled up with all my heart and…a ton of practice, precision and meditation ! Because the harder the struggle, the better the award !

My journey's not over yet and I'm ready to take you upside down off the mat !


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